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Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS)

Posted: 03 Feb 2019 10:41
by Woger
I've been struggling for some time to find out why my mail is blocked by Gmail, Hotmail etc.
I now installed SRS on the server and it seems it solved my problems. As I didn't find any info about installing SRS (postsrsd) on the EFA server I'll tell what I did to make it work.
First: SRS is made to be sure SPF is intact when you forward messages.

FIrst, install the program:
>cd /tmp/
>curl -L -o
>cd postsrsd-master/
>yum install cmake (We need cmake to install)
>make install

Then copy the lines inside /usr/local/share/doc/postsrsd/ to /etc/postfix/
You can simply cat it to your but I prefer to do it manually so:
>less /usr/local/share/doc/postsrsd/
>nano /etc/postfix/ (and copy it underneath everything

Check if this comes back with your domain:
>postconf -h mydomain
if not, edit the default config of postsrsd and put in your domain here:

Now enable postsrsd
>service postsrsd start
If no errors reload postfix
>service postfix reload

If all is working you get now strange from addresses in mailwatch, but your mails won't be blocked anymore by Gmail, hotmail etc.