Issue about sophos

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Issue about sophos

Post by uzisuicida » 01 Feb 2019 14:45

Hello everyone,

I Use EFA-, MailScanner v1.2.7-dev and I have just installed Sophos Anti-Virus 9.15.1

Sophos detects the messages with viruses, however the message is sent as clean:

MailScanner[21883]: Virus Scanning: Sophos found 1 infections
MailScanner[21883]: Infected message var came from
MailScanner[21883]: Virus Scanning: Found 1 viruses
MailScanner[21883]: Spam Checks: Starting
MailScanner[21883]: Requeue: 34CF920370.A88AF to 1714C20379
MailScanner[21883]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages


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Re: Issue about sophos

Post by shawniverson » 01 Feb 2019 22:50

Known issues with Sophos and MailScanner in eFa 3x. Issues resolved in 4x that is undergoing testing right now.
Version eFa 4.0.0 RC3 now available in testing repo. Come join us in advancing eFa!

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