E.F.A. Update/Upgrade behind a proxy server

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E.F.A. Update/Upgrade behind a proxy server

Post by kettchenkuno » 20 Apr 2016 12:38

Hey Guys,

if you're trapped behind a proxy server (like me), than you need to configure some proxy settings for different tools. I will share my exp. here:

global proxy variable:

edit file /etc/environment or ~/.bashrc

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export {http,https,ftp}_proxy='http://user:password@prox-server:port'
edit file /etc/wgetrc for wget

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http_proxy = http://Proxy-IP-Adresse:Port/
https_proxy = http://Proxy-IP-Adresse:Port/
edit file /etc/yum.conf for yum

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sudo visudo for rpm
go to section with 'Defaults' and add this rows

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Defaults env_keep += „http_proxy“
Defaults env_keep += „https_proxy“
edit file /etc/freshclam.conf for clamav
there is a section # Proxy settings where you can remove the leading # and add your proxy host and port

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#HTTPProxyServer myproxy.com
#HTTPProxyPort 1234
#HTTPProxyUsername myusername
#HTTPProxyPassword mypass

My proxy doesn't require any client auth. so it was ok just add ip an port. If you need auth, you have to add your user:password right after the 'http://'' (like the expample for the global proxy setting).
Maybe you have to disable some download restrictions on your proxy too.

Have fun

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Re: E.F.A. Update/Upgrade behind a proxy server

Post by darky83 » 23 Apr 2016 10:14

Made the post sticky for future reference, might be usefull for some :)
Version eFa 4.x now available!

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