non standard smtp port and multiple domains

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non standard smtp port and multiple domains

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i can not seem not to get this right.
i want to do the following setup: transport to xx.xx.xx.01 through port 2525 transport to xx.xx.xx.02 through port 25

can anyone guide me through this setup?
this was very simple in ESVA.

many thanks
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Re: non standard smtp port and multiple domains

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We have not 'yet' configured anything in the menu's for this, but you can easily modify the transport file just like in esva.

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sudo vi /etc/postfix/transport
Then at the bottom add your host like:

Code: Select all      smtp:bar.example:2025
And run the postmap tool:

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sudo postmap /etc/postfix/transport
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Re: non standard smtp port and multiple domains

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Useful information.

I have a few external domains that are picky about who they accept mail from. In their case, I cannot get them to accept our mail directly. However, we do use messagelabs to filter out the viruses from our incoming mail and they also act as an external smart host if we wish.

If we use standard ports, then we can:
8) Mail Settings
4) Transport Settings
n) Add new mail Domain
Please enter the domain you want add: <stupidlypicky.domain>
Now enter the destination server: <>
Then, when I send a mail to stupidlypicky.domain, efa will happily forward it to for me

(Just adding the notes here in case someone else finds this useful

keywords: smarthost by domain
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