Quarrantine and Spam Emails not working

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Post by mshanley » 24 Aug 2017 23:46

I'm upgraded to version by Downloading the VM for HyperV and VMware (it was not a in place upgrade) and noticed that im not getting the daily or the weekly quarrantine reports

Also when i go into the tools/user management and edit a user.. i even pushed the send now button and still don't get anything. :shock:

I didn't change anything on the mail server side... I am running smartermail with no spam filtering at all This one is HyperV vm
I am also running a new version of Exchange 2016 at work.. same issue both systems. This one is Vmware VM

Are the daily and weekly reports broken in

If we find problems with the latest version, is there a link where we can download a vm of an older version?

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Re: Quarrantine and Spam Emails not working

Post by TheGr8Wonder » 29 Aug 2017 20:01

If this was a fresh deployment, and nothing flagged as spam, you will not receive the report, even if you choose the "send now" option. You have to wait until a user has some kind of message marked as spam, and then test again.

Please keep us posted.


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