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by scl402a
27 Mar 2020 21:45
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Topic: Unable to update MaxMind GeoIPl
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Unable to update MaxMind GeoIPl


I tried to user a "new" key fro MaxMind for my GeoIP update. From the EFA-Configue (4.0.2), it allows me to enter a valid key.

It seem to be unable to "save", and it still show no KEY installed, and I am unable to update GeoIP

Advice needed.'
by scl402a
09 Nov 2018 14:42
Forum: How-to
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I am trying to enable DKIM for inbound email. I assume, this would get EFA to verify all incoming mail against the DMARC/DKIM system. I noticed the following, 1) servers that I used my EFA for, might send me back a 'message not delivered' 2) this will cause EFA to send a 'return email', that is from...
by scl402a
04 Jan 2018 17:44
Forum: How-to
Topic: release mail
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release mail

Hi I used EFA a a temp backup.. some times I need to re-release email for certain users. Previously, the released email were delivered with the "original time/date " it was actually released. It seem the latest version is stamping the "data/time", it was released.. causing my users to not receive em...
by scl402a
09 Jul 2016 14:57
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Preventing Domain Spoofing - Problem With A Twist?
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Re: Preventing Domain Spoofing - Problem With A Twist?

I went through the mail list. Here are my thoughts a) configure via postfix, might cause problem during next upgrade, and I have no visibility b) so I published SPF records for my own domain c) change the default score for SPF_FAIL for spammassin to 4.0, and that will mark it as spam this way, I get...
by scl402a
18 Oct 2014 00:29
Forum: How-to
Topic: inbound queue & number of Mailscanner children
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inbound queue & number of Mailscanner children

Hi, need someone to help me troubleshoot. Today I discovered 100 messages in my inbound queue, and realised that my EFA had not been delivering messages for the past 6 hours. I proceed to increase the number of children for Mailscanner from 2 to 10, and did a reboot. After that, messages start to fl...
by scl402a
12 Oct 2014 11:05
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Topic: Cannot edit domain list
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Re: Cannot edit domain list

Hi I noticed when I have more than 5 domains setup, I have problem editing them. to select 2 to 9, type 02,03,- 09, and it works. I have 13 domains on mine, and found out the right way accidentally. quote I can select 1 and 10+ but if I select 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the transport menue I alway...