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by Gspearson
12 Mar 2019 14:21
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Topic: Let's Encrypt Cert Renewals Email
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Re: Let's Encrypt Cert Renewals Email

What I have done is on version EFA- is login to console

run yum update (At time I did this today, had 216 updates to perform)
Then I ran certbot-auto renew which then upgraded certbot 0.21 to 0.32.0 and when completed. This then used the HTTP-01 validation method
by Gspearson
12 Feb 2014 18:15
Forum: Discussion
Topic: User Interface via LDAP
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User Interface via LDAP

Has anyone configured the MailWatch Interface to pull account from LDAP. I would like to do this so that the users who have an account on Zimbra can also use the same information to login to this interface and be able to release/report messages that are spam in nature.
by Gspearson
12 Feb 2014 18:01
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Topic: Introduction
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I have found this project through a discussion post that we have here in Indiana Called HECC (Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators) and have been working within the Educational Field for the past 17 years. I also provide services to the commercial industry utilizing knowledge that grows on a da...
by Gspearson
12 Feb 2014 17:53
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Topic: RBL's
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I am very new to this project and familiar with MailScanner as it is powering the Mail Filtering of the Mailing List Server (Sympa) for our organization. With the work that has been done on this project, what is the easiest way to add a RBL list to the project that would be Update Safe. I have learn...
by Gspearson
03 Feb 2014 18:23
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Topic: New install relay denied
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New install relay denied

I am very new to this and so far love this project. My one question is that this server is bouncing all messages with a reeling denied message. This server is on the public internet and the mail server is zimbra on the public internet. Anyone have a quick solution on this as I followed the instructi...