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by hvdkooij
29 Jun 2020 15:29
Forum: Introduction
Topic: Greetings from Maasland (NL)
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Greetings from Maasland (NL)

Hi, I just installed the eFa last week to replace my Barracuda Spam Firewall. I have been using MailScanner in the past. (I even got the book.) But as my employer is/was also a Barracuda partner I could run a virtual appliance for free as I supported the product. (Still a great concept. Let someone ...
by hvdkooij
29 Jun 2020 15:18
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Configuration backup/restore
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Configuration backup/restore

A feature I am missing at the moment is a configuration backup and restore option.
Are there plans to add them to eFa?
by hvdkooij
29 Jun 2020 15:15
Forum: 4.x Bugs
Topic: eFa-0=4.0.2 : SSH logout fails
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eFa-0=4.0.2 : SSH logout fails

Hi, Not sure if it qualifies as a bug. But the SSH session is never closed for the administrative user. On the main menu I use the 0 to logout from ssh but the seesion remains and it remains in the main menu. The same client does not show this issue when i do something similar to pfsense. (The main ...