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by ramiroblanco
02 Mar 2020 09:04
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Topic: Network connectivity issues on AWS
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Network connectivity issues on AWS

Hello all, I am trying to set up EFA on a Centos 7 instance on AWS. The instance works perfectly until I install EFA, after a few minutes the instance loses connectivity. Everything works perfectly till after I install EFA (tried creating the instance multiple times, left it running for days before ...
by ramiroblanco
25 Feb 2020 07:34
Forum: 4.x Bugs
Topic: ERROR: eFa4 failed to install
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Re: ERROR: eFa4 failed to install

Hello all, I am having the exact same issue on a CentOS 7.7.1908 epel-release-7-12.noarch. clamav-server is marked as a dependency for eFa but there is no clamav-server package in the repo... (anymore?). I ran an installation last Friday (02/21) and the script worked flawlessly. --> Finished Depende...