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by smyers119
09 Dec 2019 15:57
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Topic: Change URL from domain/mailscanner
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Re: Change URL from domain/mailscanner

If domain/mailscanner is set up as a Virtual Host in apache then this would be as easy as using the ServerAlias variable or a simple rewrite rule. No code changes required. When I have time to look into this further I'll try to be more help. But until then, Googing examples of the above should lead ...
by smyers119
29 Nov 2019 13:28
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I have found that greylisting although at one time may have been effective, the only thing that it is effective for nowadays is frustrating end users.
by smyers119
29 Nov 2019 12:06
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Topic: Intro from East Coast US
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Intro from East Coast US

Hello all, I have been evaluating different spam gateway's for our company and just by chance landed here after getting poor results with other brands. I am still evaluating efa, and so far it is the most promising. I figured while I am evaluating I would try to give back by helping with the documen...