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by gewonecolalight
06 Feb 2019 20:02
Forum: Discussion
Topic: HyperV Dynamic memory
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HyperV Dynamic memory


Can I use EFA with Dynamic memory in HyperV?

Kind regards,

by gewonecolalight
08 Apr 2017 22:38
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Export reports
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Export reports


In the Search and Reports section, it is possible to filter and show reports on screen.
I was wondering if it is possible to export reports to (for example) CSV or something.

Kind regard,

by gewonecolalight
01 Apr 2017 16:33
Forum: Introduction
Topic: Hi From the Netherlands
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Hi From the Netherlands

Hello Everyone.

Using efa for a few years now. Works like a charm for me!

But now I feel the need to ask some questions on this forum, therefore my introduction here :dance:

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,

Maarten Stil